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By:Matthew and Alessandra 


 “Scouts is the best thing that has ever happened to me,” says Tyler Buczko, an eighth grader who has been with scouting for 7 years. Scouting is for boys and girls who have a fever for adventure. As a Scout boys and girls learn how to camp and how to survive in the outdoors. It teaches them how to leave no trace and how to take care of nature. You learn leadership and responsibility, and helpful life skills. Scouts help the community with fundraisers and donation drives. We interviewed two 4th grade boys and asked them a couple questions. Ben Norman told us that, “I like boy scouts because it teaches me things I didn’t know and it makes me better as a person.” Braden Sailor told us that his favorite trip was when him and his pack/patrol went to the Fire Station. “When I went to the Fire Station I learned a lot about safety and ways on how to help your neighbor.” Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Girl Scout troops are in every community and parish. These brave boys and girls do their duty to God and to their community.
Holy Trinity San Pedro Girl Scouts 2016

Holy Trinity Girls Scouts, Jenna M., Joan S., Sophia J., and Rebecca E., for the Silver Award   pose with their lead designer, Peter Rothe and their design for the new Commons.
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