Holy Trinity’s Charger Chatter

Holy Trinity School’s student newspaper, the Charger Chatter, is published throughout the year.  The newspaper editors keep all students in touch with what is happening in the school and around the world.  

Students in middle school who participate in TAG (Talented and Gifted) computer lab activities have the opportunity to become journalists, being able to write and edit for the Charger Chatter.  

The newspaper editors then learn how to correctly write things such as newspaper columns, feature stories, and articles.  The TAG students learn more about how much work it takes to fully publish and edit a newspaper.  

When the newspaper is fully published and ready to read, it is distributed throughout the school, allowing HT students to get to know and understand what is going on around them. 

Also included in the TAG classes is web design. Year-round, students update the school website describing programs and writing about events. 

PDF IconCharger Chatter  Winter 2017  Volume 1  Issue 1

Web Design
by AnneMarie 7-1

The web design TAG class meets on Tuesdays in the Computer lab. We update the school website each week, suppling it with information about upcoming school events, church events, and more. We also update the school YouTube channel using iMovie.

Our 2017 team consists of Evelyn H., Finley R., Matthew C., Gwen A., Clarisse V., and AnneMarie S.

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