Richie Gonzalez Award

The Richie Gonzalez Gift of Life Award
By: Tommy 6-2

The Richie Gonzalez Gift of Life Award is a very special award at our school.  Richie Gonzalez was a second grade student at our school who sadly passed away from cancer almost 15 years ago.  Richie always acted Christlike, helping anyone who felt sad.  After his death, his parents created the award.  To receive the award, teachers nominate a student who shows Christlike behavior like Richie would.  The day the award is presented, the whole school has a special $3 free dress where the students are allowed to dress however they like and wear a hat.  The award comes with a special hat honoring Richie and $500 for the personal use of the student.  We will always remember Richie.

Receiving the Award:
By: Aubrey Bradford 3-1

"When I heard my name called I felt over the moon happy to know I did things for my friends so special to them.  I heard Mrs. Cusolito's speech and I heard my name, it tickled my heart to know I did all the things Mrs. Cusolito said I did.  All my family was there supporting me while getting my award."Richie Gonzalez awardRichie Gonzalez award

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