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An Interview with Mrs. Kovac

What inspired you to want to work with children and art?

“I wanted to give the kids experiences that they might not have anywhere else. They have a sense of innocence and literally no fear of the unknown. Adults question everything they do, but the kids are excited for learning and aren’t critical.”

What kind of art is your favorite, or rather, what kind of art do you work with the most?

“This is really hard for me because I go through various moods. Right now, I’m focused on making projects for the kids. I strive to make them fun and for the kids to want to create. I use artists as inspiration so they can learn about history as well. I personally love to use paint and work with wood. I’m even using wood scraps to create crosses as a project.”

Are there lots of challenges when working with kids? If so, can you name some?

“The younger kids are actually easier to work with. They barely have any questions and just dive right into the project. However, when I work with older and older kids, they question things more and have a wider understanding of the world and art around them. They ask why and how, which is good, but does make it a bit more difficult to do any project that comes to mind.”

Where do your ideas for art projects come from?

“If I have to be honest, I get ideas from everywhere. I look for the beauty and art in everything I see. I use other artist’s work to fuel my mind, along with song lyrics. I love quotes and things that aren’t considered beautiful, like junk or trash.”

How did the interview with Zio Ziegler affect your views on art?

“What he said really confirmed what I was doing and made it feel right. He showed the kids and me that art applies to everyone. I’m doing what I love - making kids believe in art and themselves. My goals are to expose the kids to the experience, process, and feelings that art brings.”

Around the school, advertisements for the Art Show are being displayed. What can we expect to see at this show?

“We’ll be auctioning off ten original skateboard designs, picture books made by the first graders, stained glass lanterns and wooden crosses. It’s super important to me and the kids, so please, parents, join us on Sunday, May 31st from
9:30 a.m to 1:00 p.m. in the Holy Trinity Parish Center!”

Mrs. Kovak's Art Class in 1-4 Grades
Kovak art
Mrs. Kovak's fourth grade art class is studying current artist Zio Ziegler and his
street art murals of patterned giants 

Grades 1-4 are taught about the world of art with local artist, Shelby Kovac.  The students work together to learn about famous artists.  An art show is put on to show the students work.

 23295pop up art

Art To Grow On

Art To Grow On is an artistic experience for all grades.  Students get to take a pause from their normal class schedule and get to create their own piece of artwork. Every grade makes the same art piece based on a famous artist’s actual work.  Students are able to create whatever representation they want of the original artwork, and get to add their own thoughts onto it.  Every piece done is different so students get a wide knowledge of how to work with new tools and improvise with their creativity.  Last class, students created their self portraits.  The students learn about the history and artist behind the art piece before creating their own. 

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