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Reading, through continued development of Differentiated Instruction, challenges all learners to the level of their potential. Middle School students are further challenged to read, read, read, and test their comprehension through the Accelerated Reader Program. Creative methods of assessment allow students to demonstrate understanding of the material.
Kindergarten celebrates reading their first book together

6th Grade Play
This year, the 6th grade classes worked very hard to bring us their production of the classic Christmas movie, A Charlie Brown Christmas. Their play, performed a couple weeks ago, focused on the over commercialization of the holiday season and how it takes away from what should be the real focus of Christmas, Jesus Christ’s birth. The 6th graders’ performed amazingly and were full of zeal while doing so. Because of this, the play was an enjoyable experience for all--family, teachers and fellow classmates. 

Middle School Accelerated Reader Program:
The middle school must acquire a certain amount of points per grade by taking tests on books you have read. 6th grade is required 15 points,7th grade is required 20 points, and 8th grade is required 25 points. Which is required by each student every quarter. If a student gets 50 or more points in any quarter he/she gets an award. Our school does this to encourage our students to read and expand their knowledge and vocabulary.

Religion is not only taught everyday, but also lived everyday. Everyone who works at Holy Trinity models the Catholic faith. It is taught and lived daily in the classrooms. Students attend Mass weekly as a class and monthly with the student body. Throughout the year, the students experience special religious ceremonies, such as Stations of the Cross in Lent. 

   Stations of the Cross 2017 
The Holy Trinity 5th grade students demonstrate their knowledge of, and commitment to, their faith by presenting the Stations of the Cross to
grades 1-8.

Each month a different grade plans a mass for the whole student body.
Father Sebastian Mass
Holy Trinity students participate in the parish altar server program. They serve at Masses throughout the week and Sunday. If you attend Mass at Holy Trinity,  you are sure to see them.
Alter Servers

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