Pop-up Garden
is an integral part of the curriculum; great art experiences are provided in first through fourth grades by an art professional, and Art to Grow On is provided to all grades by parent docents. Throughout the year the children work individually and in group settings to learn about famous artists of the past and present by experimenting in a variety of mediums and techniques.

This week in Art:

Pop-Up Garden


This year, elementary school designed a pop-up garden that is meant to spread joy and happiness to all who look at it. The garden will randomly “pop up” in different places throughout the school and no one knows where it will end up next. It spreads delight everywhere it goes and it is always an adventure to find it in a new place


3rd and 4th grade classes are "thinking outside the box" as they make their self portraits. Today they are sketching the details and adding texture before they paint them next week.

Art Class Photos
Art Class Art Class Art Class Art Class Pumpkin Art Pumpkin Art Pumpkin Art Pumpkin Art Pumpkin Art Self Portrait

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