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What was your project about?

“This year my project was called, ‘Mom, Do I Have to Rinse/Scrub Plates Before I Put Them In the Dishwasher?’ In my experiment, I used a product called Glo Germ which mimics bacteria. I prepared a mixture of it and tested it on plates. I determined if a pre-rinse or a scrub step would remove Glo Germ. I tested three different dishwasher detergents. Miele, Cascade, and Finish. I also ran a control using no detergent. The results of my experiment were that pre-rinsing is not necessary, but scrubbing really helps. Not using a pre-rinse step will conserve water. Miele and Cascasde performed the best, but Finish performed the worst. Finish performed worse than when no detergent was present. I would remember to wash you plates immediately after using them because this will prevent a microbial biofilm from forming. 

How did it feel presenting it to judges?

“I felt really nervous, when I presented my project to the judges, but it was very exciting at the same time. It was such as great experince to be able to present my project to judges. I will never forget that amazing expereince.”

How did it feel when you won?

“When I won 1st place at the Los Angeles County Science Fair, I was so surprised and happy. I couldn't believe what I was hearing because it is extremely difficult to win. Since I won 1st place at the Los Angeles County Science Fair, I get to go to the California State Science Fair in May. 



Los Angeles County Science Fair 2015

Holy Trinity School student receives

First Place in Product Science 

     Thirteen first place winners of the Holy Trinity middle school science fair participated in the Los Angeles County Science Fair.  The County Science Fair was held at the Pasadena Convention Center on March 26th - March 28th. All of the students displayed their poster boards and were interviewed by the judges. On the second day after the interviews, the judges decided the winners. The last day at the award’s ceremony, all of the participants nervously came up on the stage to see if they had won. This year, eighth graders Annaliese Rupp received First Place in Product Science and Aileen Keane won Honorable Mention in Product Science. Winning first place allows Annaleise to go on to the California State Fair in May 2015.  Participating in the interactive competition was such a great experience that nobody will forget!


Holy Trinity School Science Fair Winners:

Grand Prize Winner (#1):

Kyra Johnson (6-2)

Blue Ribbon Winners:

6-1: Karisa Kopecek
6-1/6-2: Lily Ruggiero and Paige Paulsen (team)
6-2: Ari Bautista
6-2: Kaitlyn McWilliams
6-2: Jordan Real
7-1: Tyler Buczko
7-1: Sierra Salas
7-2: Eddie Huante, Matthew Lagleva, and Sean Wagoner (team)
6-1/7-2: Santo Buscemi and Alessandra Samperio (team)
8-2: Aileen Keane
8-2: John Jaramillo and Eli Ortega (team)
8-2: Annaliese Rupp



Grand Prize Winner--Kyra Johnson
top--Science teacher Ms. Engle with 6th grader, Kaitlyn
Holy Trinity School Science Fair Winners


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