Computer Technology

Holy Trinity Middle School Technology Class

Computer class
By:Matthew (student)

Computer class is for elementary and middle school grades. The students are given assignments to do in class, and are given homework after class. Students attend computer classes four times a week. During class, the students learn important icons on the computer that can help the student in high school, and later in life. In computer class the students learn what is in a computer, and how to program a computer. Other apps that are constantly used on the computer are IMovie, Microsoft excel, and Microsoft word. Mrs. Sulentor’s mission is to make the student learn about the computer, and learn how to believe in themselves. Mrs. Sulentor’s favorite part of teaching is when a student discovers a new talent, and becomes more interested in the class.

6th Grade Technology Classes                                         by: Matthew Craciun

In the computer class with Mrs. Sulentor, the 6th grade has been learning about binary code, coding, and computer language.  They do activities to help better their understanding of computers.

In 6th grade history, they have been working on their Greek gods and goddesses project.  They will conduct an interview on a Greek god or goddess for an iMovie.  Two students are in a group: one student is a interviewer, and the other is the god or goddess. The Imovie is a great way for the students to act, and learn about other gods.

In English and Literature Arts, they have been comparing different basilicas, cathedrals, and shrines.  This is bettering their knowledge of the Catholic world.


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