Advanced Math

Advanced Math
By:  Matthew (student)

    When 6th graders enter the 7th grade, the first thing they do is take the placement test to see whether they will be in basic or advanced math. Ms. Ferrigno is the math teacher for the seventh and eighth grade, and she receives recommendations from Mrs. Hooker, the sixth grade math teacher. Ms. Ferrigno looks at the students’ grades from the year before and the placement test to see which class they would qualify for. The basic 7th grade classes are learning 7th grade core curriculum. The advanced 7th grade classes learn eighth grade core curriculum. The basic 8th graders are learning 8th grade core curriculum. The Algebra class is learning Algebra 1. An Algebra student, Antonio Torres said, “It’s a different opportunity to get a step ahead in the game of life. It looks good when you are applying for high schools, and you get to see new concepts for the first time that can help you for the future.” Ms. Ferrigno makes math fun and enjoyable by having us work in groups and providing fun, yet challenging, math assignments instead of doing work out of the book. She makes math easy to understand, she breaks it down, and explains the math equations thoroughly by using different techniques. These techniques makes all of the students excited and ready for the upcoming years to come.

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