Social Justice

Giving Back to the Community 

By: Gwen (8th Grade Student)
At Holy Trinity, we are very focused on giving back to the community. As Catholics we are all called to give our time, talent, and treasure to people and charities that are in need. Each month student council collects the money from $2.00 free dress day (a day where kids can wear non-uniform clothes to school if they pay $2.00) and donates it to local charities. To add to this, every grade has a social justice project to do during the year, which has to involve serving other people in our community. This is very crucial to maintaining and setting a good example for every student at Holy Trinity.

By: Matt 8-1

Every class is required to do a social justice project to help people or a cause. The 8th grade classes hosted the Olympic Games to raise money for their Social Justice Project, which is for “A Place Called Home,” an after school facility for disadvantaged youth in LA. There were eight different events, to participate in each event it cost $2.00. The 7th grade had a great Bake Sale to raise money for their project, which is to fill backpacks with school supplies for students at St. Peter and Paul School. The 4th grade had a "Crake Sale," which is a bake and craft sale combined. The money they raised went to (sources unknown). It is important for the students to learn about these organizations and to help provide for the needs of others. 

An In Depth Look at the 
Holy Trinity Olympics 

by: Matthew 8-1

    At Holy Trinity School, the 8th grade class had a service project. In the service project, the Holy Trinity class of 2016 donated all their raised money to an organization called “A Place Called Home.” The 8th graders made profit in their service project by organizing the Holy Trinity “Olympics.” The Holy Trinity Olympics included games such as basketball knockout, push-up contests, relay races, and dance contests. Every game cost two dollars to join, and the winner of the event won either a prize from our special table or a five dollar gift card. In all, the service project made a total of over $900. The 8th grade class was happy to be able to donate to such a good cause that helps children who don’t get the same opportunities as us.



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