This page contains information about Holy Trinity School participating scrip merchants. This is only a guide to help plan purchases.

Volunteers at the scrip tables will have the latest and most accurate information. (If there is a conflict between the information posted on this web site and what the scrip coordinators provide at the school, their information rules.)

Scrip News (Revised 10/23/16)

There are three different types of scrip purchasing opportunities: 

  1. National Gift Card List - Scrip "gift cards" that can be purchased at normal scrip hours which are honored by regional and national merchants.  We sell gift cards for grocery stores like Vons and Sprouts, gas stations like Arco, Chevron, & Shell, department stores like Macy's & J.C. Penney's, restaurants like Chili'sPanera Bread, drug stores like Rite Aid & CVS, and many more.  Click on the above link for the full list of merchants.  Click here to get the Scrip Order Form.

  2. Local Merchants List - Local merchants/businesses that support the Holy Trinity Scrip Program, such as Norman's Uniform & Fillipo's Pizza.  Click on the link for the full list of local merchants.

  3. Special Order Scrip List - Special order scrip/"gift cards" that must be ordered in advance of pickup (a week to 10 days in advance), such as Sears, Staples, Lowes Hardware, and others.  Click on this link for the full list of special order merchants.

Scrip Sales Schedule

Scrip is sold on Monday thru Friday mornings from 7:45 a.m. to 8:15 a.m., and on Friday afternoon from 2:30p.m.-3:00 the Holy Trinity School office (1226 W. Santa Cruz St.), when school is in session. Parishioners wishing to purchase scrip may call Mrs. Martinez at 310-519-8834 to have their order filled.

Electronic Scrip

Benefit Mobile logo

Download the BENEFIT mobile app to make scrip purchases at any time using your smartphone!  

PDF IconClick on this link for details.

Vons Cards:

Just a reminder to all families concerning your Vons card numbers.  Every family that uses Vons to receive credit towards your fundraising needs to renew information with that store at the beginning of each school year.   If you have not given the school the information, your family will not receive the credit. If you have gone online to renew yourself, make sure that the school receives the information.  The scrip coordinators need to know every family that you will receive credit for.  Click on the link below for the form and instructions for signing up and renewing with the store.


Click on this link to register online for Vons:

Holy Trinity School's ID number for Vons is 0137115854.

Vons eScrip Sign-up Form


Click on this link to register online for Ralphs:

To register, press the Register button in the upper right corner.  After creating an account, press the Communities menu item on the top menu, and then press the 'Ralphs Community Contribution Program' menu item.  Holy Trinity School's ID number for Ralphs is 84065.

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