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Holy Trinity 1950 est

Holy Trinity School celebrated its 60th year of educating children in the South Bay of Los Angeles in  2010.

How it all began

Under the leadership of Monsignor Gallagher, the parish purchased land for the school in 1950; and the ground breaking ceremony took place on March 5, 1950.  That same year,the Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary moved into the newly converted convent on Hanford Street.  This community of sisters served Holy Trinity School from its inception in 1950 to 1990. In September of 1990, a lay principal was appointed.

The school opened on October 4, 1950, while the building was still under construction.  Sister Mary Thaddea, the principal, greeted Holy Trinity’s first students.  There were 334 children in grades one through seven, meeting in three completed classrooms and the auditorium.  The faculty consisted of five religious and two lay teachers.

On September 17, 1951, the second year began with the building completed and an enrollment of 434.  On November 4, 1951, the school was dedicated by Bishop Manning.  The grades now ranged from first through eighth.  Graduation of the first class took place on June 12, 1952.  Since this first commencement over 3,800 students have graduated from Holy Trinity, including many of our present students’ parents.

Over the years, Holy Trinity has grown to be an active and thriving school.  In 1956 and 1957, two annexes were constructed, adding five classrooms.  Kindergarten was added and opened on October 2, 1956.  The 1958-1959 school year opened with an outstanding enrollment of 940 children.  All classes were double classrooms with fifty or more students.  Holy Trinity remains a double classroom school but there are fewer students per class now. The school facilities include eighteen classrooms, a library, a Mac Computer Lab, a Scholastic/IBM computer lab, multipurpose room, a science lab for conducting experiments, and a math lab.

In the summer of 2001, the existing school building was renovated. In 2006, we launched our preschool.


We have over 48 teachers and staff; and 536 students in our 19 co-educational classes, preschool through eighth grade. Eleven of our 29 teachers hold Masters Degrees. Our curriculum, organization, student services, and facilities are evaluated in light of our philosophy by Western Catholic Education Association and Western Association of Schools and Colleges from whom we receive our accreditation. We have received a full six year accreditation through spring 2018. We are proud of past accomplishments,and our faculty, staff, and parents continue to explore ways for insuring future growth and academic excellence.

Philosophy In Motion

Holy Trinity provides an educational experience which prepares our students academically, morally, spiritually, and socially for high school and a full Christian life. Our school fosters the worth of the individual and promotes a strong sense of personal and social responsibility.

Holy Trinity stresses intellectual and spiritual discipline, as well as physical well being. We also value compassion. responsibility, generosity, and idealism. Our school extends to students a means of personal growth by providing a rigorous academic, physical, and spiritual program in an atmosphere of courtesy and concern for the individual. 

Holy Trinity School Mission

Our children face a future of unlimited potential and unprecedented change. Holy Trinity School prepares them spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally, in a Christ-centered environment, to embrace these challenges with hope and confidence.

Holy Trinity School Vision

Each child at Holy Trinity School is loved as unique creation of God. We recognize our students' strengths and meet the unique needs of all students, bringing each to his/her full academic potential. Through love and rigorous academics, we create a community of young adults who will be prepared for the world as committed, faithful, active Catholics, who endeavor to live good, socially responsible Christian lives.

Holy Trinity School Values

We are a Catholic Christian school.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards as educators and are committed to providing every student with excellent academic instruction, Catholic teaching, moral development, and problem solving skills, all with a strong emphasis on social justice, working towards equality for all.

The school community models self-respect and respect for one another and the community at large.

Parents are the most important partners in the education of their children.

No child should be denied a Catholic education due to the parents’ inability to pay full cost of tuition

We focus on Catholic identity to prepare the students for life and not just the next educational step.  Students are taught to be committed, faithful, active Catholics who endeavor to live as good Catholic Christians:

  • through understanding of basic doctrine
  • through appreciation of Scripture
  • by attending Mass
  • by receiving the Sacraments
  • by serving others through good works
  • by showing reverence and respect to all human life
  • by demonstrating tolerance and acceptance of others
  • by being responsible stewards of the environment

Students are academically prepared with an emphasis in STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion and Reading, Engineering, Arts and Athletics, Math) to develop:

  • competency in basic skills
  • effective communication both in spoken and written work, and through the use of technology
  • the ability to problem solve and think critically
  • the development of good study skills and work ethics
  • eagerness and curiosity of learning

In order to meet the learning needs of all students, aesthetically enriched experiences are provided in:

  • Art
  • Music
  • Drama

We prepare our students to for a life-long commitment to improving their community.

Philosophy-Policy Statements

Holy Trinity School willingly accepts the mission of the church “to assist men and women so that they can arrive at the fullness of Christian life” (Canon 794.1).  We recognize and value the uniqueness, dignity, and basic goodness of each individual as a child of God.  With this in mind, we attempt to impart to our students a sense of the unconditional love of God and a certainty of their own self-worth.

In accordance with the teachings of Jesus Christ and the documents of the Catholic Church (i.e., Sharing the Light of Faith, 1979; To Teach as Jesus Did, 1973; and The Catholic School,1977), we recognize parents as the primary educators of their children.  In the organization and implementation of our programs and activities, we support efforts of the parents to impart Christian values and beliefs.  We work together to build the self esteem of the child, foster a respect and reverence for all of life and creation, and nurture a loving image of and close relationship with God.  Our aim is to encourage our students to be whole,  loving, and active members of our community.

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