Track & Field

Track and Field

By: Diego 

Track and Field is one of the many wonderful sports that Holy Trinity offers to its students. Track and Field allows students from first grade through eighth grade to participate in the basic track and field events. Some of these events are relay races, individual races, shot put, long jump, and javelin. The Track and Field team is coached by Mr.Wiley. He is a great coach who identifies your strengths and helps you boost your own confidence. He offers great opportunities to the student athletes. The athletes have a chance to run on relay teams, try a new event, and compete in every event of their choice. The Track and Field team practices twice a week and competes in various track meets throughout the season. As a member of the team, I really enjoy the track meets because you can interact with your teammates and friends.  It is also really exhilarating to compete in races. If running is not your event, then you can participate in the field events such as javelin, shot put, and long jump.

Quote by Ryan on Field Events: 
" Long jump is exhilarating because of all the competition I get to compete with. It is interesting to see how much I progressed throughout the year."

 Track and Field Events:
-50 meter dash
 -100 meter dash
-200 meter dash
-400 meter race
-1200 meter race
-1600 meter race
-4x100 meter relay race
-4x200 meter relay race
-4x400 meter relay race
-Shot put
-Long jump

The FIYA Track and Field meet placements 4/15/18:
5th Place Boys Division 2 4 by 100
2nd Place Javelin Diego Jimenez 
3rd Place Javelin Vincenzo Crivello
2nd Place 200 Meter Dash Anthony Racaza
6th Place Javelin Tim Brunac
2nd Place Shot Put Ben Norman
2nd Place Shot Put Alek Norman

CYO Regional Track and Field Meet At St. Paul High School:

Holy Trinity sent 28 athletes from grades 3 to 8 to one of three CYO Regional qualifying meets over the weekend.  The top 24 from the 80 competing schools in each event will meet next week to arrive at a final 8 that will duke it out at the Finals Meet May 3rd. Our strong tradition of boys 4x100 relay continues with our varsity squad earning 1st place in our region. Congratulation to the boys, all of competing athletes, and our parents who supported our runners!!! Good luck Chargers!

The CYO Qualifiers for the Finals:

Ben Norman Shot Put Boys Division 2
Alek Norman Shot Put Boys Division 1
Ryan Norried Long Jump Division 1
Boys 4 By 100 Division 1: Anthony Racaza, Vincenzo Crivello, Ryan Norried, and Samson Parker

Quote from Ben Norman:
" You can never improve your growth unless you keep trying."

Quote from Anthony Racaza:
" You can do anything if you believe in yourself, and carry along self- determination on the road to success."

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