HT Archery 

By Jessica 

I recently interviewed Marina S. and Sierra S., eighth graders on the Holy Trinity Archery Team. Sierra and Marina both agreed that archery is a great way to make new friends and socialize with people you wouldn’t normally interact with. They also said that the coaches, Mr. Wiley and Mr. Brust, try their best to fix your mistakes and help you perform better. Marina then explained what they do during practice, saying, “We first set up the equipment and then take turns shooting arrows. While we are waiting for our turn, we watch other people shoot, and learn from their mistakes.” Sierra explained, “Archery is a great learning experience and it allows you to try a new sport that you wouldn’t normally try.” The HT Archery Team gives an opportunity to seventh and eighth graders to learn how to work competitively, focus while under pressure, and socialize with others.

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