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Cheerleading has been an athletic tradition at Holy Trinity School for many generations.  Seventh and eighth grade girls participate in tryouts each year and have the opportunity to be on a team of up to fourteen people.


The team cheers for all varsity sports and even have opportunities to enter in competitions.  Girls on the team practice all throughout the year starting the summer after tryouts.  All the girls learn more than thirty cheers that they present at almost every game and practice stunts that they are able to preform throughout the year.  Unlike most sports, cheerleading goes on all year round and requires the whole team to participate in all activities.  The girls condition and tumble to build up strength and ability and must have good arm strength and good coordination.  These requirements can make it a difficult sport.


Cheerleaders are in charge of pep rallies which gets all grades into the HT spirit and allows the team to show off their skills they have learned throughout the year.  Girls on the team say, “Cheerleading really is a sport because we work hard and practice a lot for what we do.  Just like football players, we work as a team and figure things out together.”


~ Paige (HT Student)

Third Grade Secures the Spirit Stick

This year we had our 2017 Pep Rally.  At the Pep Rally we give thanks to our coaches and teammates for the fall sports. The Fall sports that we competed in at Holy Trinity were Swimming, Football, Volleyball, Cheerleading, and Cross Country.  We announced these Fall sports to let everyone get recognition.The cheerleaders presented a show after we announced the Fall sports. The cheerleaders did a great job performing their cheer that they memorized and presented in front of all of the classes.  A week before the Pep Rally the cheerleaders taught a cheer for grades to compete in the Pep Rally.  All the grades at Holy Trinity compete to win the spirit stick.  The spirit stick is a stick with confetti and streamers, that the grade winners keep until Spring.  On the day of the Pep Rally the grades present their own cheer.  While grades are presenting their cheer, there are three judges who are watching and trying to see who the winners. This year the winners of the 2017 Pep Rally was the 3rd graders!
Go Third Grade! 

Cheerleaders pep rally
~Bella and Diego (HT students)

Pep Rally 2017 Teana

Pep Rally 2017 team

Cheer Competition

By Annie 7-1


The Holy Trinity girls’ cheerleading team won big at their competition on Sunday, April 2, 2017. They won 1st place overall in their division, 1st place in stunts, 2nd place in spirit, and an award for sportsmanship. They even have qualified for the next competition in Las Vegas! The team presented their awards in the morning on Monday in front of the whole school. 

Cheer Camp
Girls from grades 3rd to 5th participate in a cheer training camp where they practice cheers taught by our current cheer team. This helps prepare them if they want to join the cheer team for 7th and 8th grade students.
Cheer camp

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