Principal's Message

Dear Parents,

Welcome back!  Everyone at the school has been busy getting ready for a new school year!  We have a great year in store for our students as we strive to provide them the best possible 21st Century education through the implementation of our STREAM education, always with the R—religion—at the forefront of everything we do.

I began reading a book this summer, 21 Trends for the 21st Century: Out of the Trenches and into the Future (2014, Marx).  One of the things that really struck me was a statement about how in education we shouldn’t want to prepare our students for yesterday when their tomorrow is going to be very different.  We need to prepare them for tomorrow.  With the rapid growth of technology, there is no way to even anticipate what the future job market holds for our students, especially those just entering in kindergarten.  What we, at Holy Trinity, promise to do is to be knowledgeable about new trends.  I do not believe in jumping on a bandwagon until we have taken the time to research and review the implications of something new.  We gather information and make informed decisions that will prepare your students for their tomorrow!

How we have begun that for this year is:  Professional Development on the Common Core State Standards in math.  Dr. Anita Kreide, a professor at LMU, who works with Stanford University on math curriculum, presented to our teachers last week.  We have another professional development day in October that will be devoted to math.  Teachers will have flexibility to use their knowledge of curriculum and students, supported by Mrs. Cigliano and myself, to move forward in providing students a challenging math curriculum with a strong foundation in what they need to know to learn and problem solve at a deeper level. 

We also had professional development in science last week.  Our science curriculum continues to move forward as Mrs. Warner works with the K-4th grade teachers to move further into inquiry-based science, and Ms. Engle teaches 5th grade experiments, as well as the Middle School Science Program.   Both teachers have exciting experiments coming up!   

To continue our efforts in our STREAM curriculum, we have purchased new Science texts in 1st-8th grade, which are aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards; there is a new math curriculum in the Middle School that is project-based; there are 20 brand-new Chromebooks in the Science lab and Chromebooks or iPads for differentiated instruction/center work in each classroom K-8, in addition to our two computer labs.  

But as I said above, the R in our STREAM is at the forefront of what we do, because first and foremost we are a Catholic school.  Your child will learn in an atmosphere steeped in kindness, love, and the Catholic faith, and they will be taught and interact with a faculty and staff that model the faith.  Starting in 1st grade, each class attends morning Mass once a week.  All students attend a monthly student body Mass.  Religion is taught daily, and we live out our mission statement daily.

To round out your children’s education, we believe that all children should be exposed to the arts.  We offer Art To Grow On K-8, and Mrs. Kovac provides project-based experiences for the 1st -4th graders.  And Senora Hennig and Senor Sanden will be back to teach Spanish to all the students.  Our football and volleyball teams are gearing up for another great year, as well.

Yes, we are back!  School is in full swing.  All is right with the world!
Have a blessed week!

Dr. Linda Wiley
Holy Trinity School

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