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Holy Trinity offers K-8th grade instruction. The Elementary and Middle School operate in separate sections of the campus and use different class schedules to ensure that peer to peer student interactions prevail on a comparable age basis.

Catch Up With the Middle School
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Every day, Holy Trinity School starts off with the morning announcements. The student council members lead the students in the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer, followed by important events of the day. These events include birthdays and sports practices or victories from a previous game. Middle schoolers have science three times a week with Mr. Vanderploeg, Spanish twice a week with Señora Elena, computer class four times a week with Mrs. Sulentor and Mrs, Herrera, and P.E. with Mrs. Cambell and music with Mrs. DiRocco once a week. We also have Art-to-Grow-On, which is an art class that is held a few times a year. Students learn how to paint, sculpt, and draw. Fridays are spirit days, which means students wear any Holy Trinity pride shirt, such as a Holy Trinity sports jersey or Holy Trinity tee-shirt. On Tuesdays, students participate in T.A.G. (Talented and Gifted). In T.A.G., students are placed into various groups and go to a classroom to learn a certain subject. The subjects are science, newspaper, sign language, vampire literature, art, and global awareness. Every week at Holy Trinity is filled with various activities for students with different interests. 

Physical Education

Jessica Grey

Here at Holy Trinity, each and every student takes Physical Education (PE) at least once a week. Mrs. Campbell teaches Kindergarten through second grade and sixth through eighth grade; Mrs. DiLeva teaches third through fifth grade. I interviewed Mrs. DiLeva and asked her how she feels about PE.


What is your favorite part about teaching PE at Holy Trinity?

“I enjoy being able to teach the students about having good sportsmanship and motivating them to be active. I particularly want students to know about living a healthy lifestyle and staying active throughout their lives.”


What is the curriculum? Does it change between grades?

“The curriculum for all the grades is the same, and it teaches students skills for core-sports. Class curriculum is taught throughout games we play, such as basketball, or volleyball that encourage kids to play the sport outside of school. I try to encourage students to try other sports besides the ones we play at school, and have fun doing it.”


What makes PE at Holy Trinity special?

“The teachers have creative and fun activities for the students. Students love exercising and spending time with the PE teachers.”


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