Student Learning Expectations (SLE's)

Student Learning Expectations

The Student Learning Expectations are those skills, values and competencies that Holy Trinity School anticipates students to have gained by their time of graduation. These Expectations are introduced at an age-appropriate time, and are enhanced and reviewed throughout the student’s time at Holy Trinity.


   An individual whose self-worth has been reinforced by:

¨             Teacher working in partnership wit parents

¨             The school community modeling self-respect and respect of one another


    A committed, faithful, active Catholic who endeavors to live as a good Catholic Christian:

¨                Through understanding basic doctrine

¨                Through appreciation of Scripture

¨                By attending Mass

¨                By receiving sacraments

¨                By serving others through good works

¨                By showing reverence and respect to all human life

¨                By demonstrating tolerance and acceptance of others

¨                By being a steward of the environment


    An academically prepared individual who:

¨                Demonstrates competency in basic skill areas

¨                Communicates effectively in spoken and written work, and
through the use of technology

¨                Demonstrates ability to problem solved and think critically

¨                Demonstrates good study skills and work ethics

¨                Demonstrates eagerness and curiosity for learning


   An aesthetically enriched person who has experience in:

¨             Art

¨             Music

¨             Drama

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