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The Importance of a Catholic Education

By Nieves 

I am thankful to have my Catholic education. I appreciate how it teaches and follows along the guidelines of STREAM. STREAM stands for science, technology, religion, engineering, arts and athletics, and math. We also learn the gospel of Jesus Christ and bring the values of the gospel home, instead of just keeping them at school. We work together at school in group and class projects.
As Holy Trinity students, we don’t just serve at school to each other. We go out into the community and serve others. Just like we are taught to work together in school, we work with others in the community. We are also able to help people outside of our community with social justice projects. We are currently working on the Thirst Project, which raises money to build wells for less fortunate countries who do not have access to clean water. I am glad to be taught so many Catholic and daily values. I don’t just get to go to mass on Sunday with my family at home, but I am also able to go to mass during the school week with my school family. We go to Mass three times a month with our class and once a month with our entire school.

We pledge to be drug​ free

Every year Holy Trinity School students celebrate Red Ribbon week. This fun, educational, and special week is dedicated to being drug free. During the week, the whole school participates in activities in honor of Red Ribbon week. Every student receives a drug free ribbon, and a pledge paper which they recite every morning.  




Pet Show:
Every year the 1st graders participate in a pet show, sharing their pets with the rest of the class. The pet show also fundraiser towards the Harbor Animal Shelter and Harbor Interfaith Services.
 Pet Show 1






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